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Accidents that take place within the workplace can bring a lot of hardship and stress to you and your family. You are entitles by law to claim compensation for any inj any sustained whilst performing your duty of work. Each situation and environment is different, and one key point to remember is that your employer has a duty of care towards you.

Accidents at work are very common and can occur in any job, in any situation. You shouldn’t be afraid of filing a work accident claim against an employer, if you have had an accident at work.

Every employer has a legal responsibility towards its employees, to ensure the environment is safe to work and the risk of an accident at work is minimised.

Your employer is not allowed to treat you unfairly or dismiss you for making a work place accident claim. All employers are required by lawton have insurance against staff accidents. This means that their insurance company will pay for your accident compensation and not your employer.

Some examples of workplace accidents claims might involve injuries such as:

  • Poor health & safety standards
  • Dangerous working practices
  • Unsafe system of work
  • Unsuitable or damaged equipment
  • Contact with dangerous materials

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