Project Description

Slips & trips are some of the most common accidents that occur in the UK. These unexpected accidents are usually caused by something like a broken flagstone on a pavement or a wet floor. Injuries from slips trips can include back pain, sprained ankles, head injuries, concussion, knee injury and many more. These accidents can happen anywhere and at anytime, including in a public place, supermarkets, shopping centre, pubs, restaurants, leisure facilities, schools, college or in a hospital.

If you trip over something that should be there like a footpath or a kerb and you fall, then its probably your own fault. However if you slip, trip or fall on something that should not be there like a broken flagstone or wet floor, then it may be someone else’s fault and you may be able to claim compensation. We strongly advice people to take photos of the area where the slip, trip & fall took place and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Some of the hazards that can cause injuries leading to compensation claims include:

  • Tripping hazards like damaged flooring, flagstones & potholes
  • Slipping hazards, like wet floors that had no warning signs


If you have suffered an injury you should call us on 01142 444449 or request a call back and let us help you to receive expert advice from our specialist lawyers who will help you receive justice and the compensation you deserve. Remember with Claims 4U, claiming is always no win- no fee and you will receive 100% of the slip, trip & fall compensation and all our costs are recovered from the losing side.